Google Adwords Remarketing

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Remarketing to your customers and website visitors has never been easier than with Google’s outstanding remarketing program. Through Google Analytics remarketing you will be able to gain valuable insights about your website visitors such as popular pages, page view times, shopping cart abandonment and more. Once you have identified these targets, Windy City Web Designs create a campaign through Google AdWords in order to remarket to these customers.

Once you have identified your target audience Windy City Web Designs will implement a new analytics code called “Double Click” onto your website. This analytics code will cookie your website customers and unconverted visitors for 30 days. Your image ads which can be created by Windy City Web Designs will follow your customers around the Internet on different websites which offer ads space in order to remarket and potentially help a customer or visitor return to your website to make a purchase or sign up for a service.

Windy City Web Designs is an expert in Google Remarketing campaigns and is dedicated to helping your business gain an edge against the competition and increase conversions and sales.

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