Ways To Make Your WordPress Website More Search-Engine Friendly

Are you looking for additional ways to make your WordPress website more search-engine friendly? If you answered yes, then these helpful tips are just what you need:

Regularly post new blogs. Since Google has a bias towards fresh content, giving preference to more recent results, it is important that you are publishing new and meaningful content, regularly.

Review your blog titles. It is important that you take time to review your blog post tiles first before publishing them, especially since your blog post titles are vital to your SEO rankings. Be sure to compare the keywords you used in your keyword list, and make your blog title more keyword rich.

Create meaningful keywords. If SEO is of utmost importance to you, then developing a keywords list is a must. An effective list of keywords and phrases should describe your products and services, including words from search terms that are likely to be used to find your business online.

Use an SEO plugin. A plugin will allow you to set keyword-rich custom titles and Meta descriptions for your posts for the major search engines. Consider using the All in One SEO Pack to make this an easier task.

Avoid spam comments. Often times people will leave spam comments on your blog. And since it counts as content, according to Google, it is important to eliminate comments that do not pertain to your products or services, as this will ruin your keyword relevancy and hurts your rankings.

Utilize social media sharing buttons. With Google, if it recognizes that your blog article is getting a lot of posts and shares on social media, it will then boost your blog’s ranking, making it easier for readers to share your content.

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SEO: Successful Marketing Strategies

A successful Internet marketing strategy is just like building anything. It is critical that you start with a solid foundation and a good understanding of how an effective Internet marketing campaign works.

That foundation comes from understanding three basics of Internet marketing:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing

However, simply because you know what each facet does for your website, this isn’t enough to ensure your marketing strategy is going to work. Applying even well-established marketing techniques incorrectly can hurt your rankings, which means in order to maximize the benefits, you also need to understand the shortcomings.

Search Engine Optimization

When people think of marketing and the search engines, SEO, or search engine optimization, is usually the first thing that comes to mind. SEO is used to create a site that the search engines will rank as one of the most relevant pages for a matter of time. Since 95 percent of people who use search engines click on a page that appears on the first page results for the major platforms, such Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you can see why search rank is a huge deal to your business.

Building a solid SEO strategy consists primarily of selecting relevant keywords, and providing valuable content that is related to those keywords. In the past, SEO was driven by factors like keyword placement, keywords density, and even how many times a keyword was used to link to that page, but the search engines quickly discovered that keywords could be easily manipulated.

A page that had nothing to do with a keyword could be ranked in top three, just by optimizing the page. Today, this means that sites who rely solely on keywords are often ignored by the search engines.

It is important that your SEO includes the following:

  1. Relevant keywords.
  2. Valuable and meaningful content that is shared.
  3. website that loads quickly and is user-friendly.
  4. Images and content.

An effective SEO campaign requires dedication and work. If you feel that you need help, be sure to contact a professional firm that specializes in SEO and web design, like Windy City Web Designs. Contact us for more information today!

Need Leads? Using Your Website To Drive Your Business

Your website is perhaps one of the most powerful business tools you will have. But are you utilizing it to your advantage?

While every business has varying needs, and will use their website differently, every business wants to utilize it to their advantage, having the leverage to create more growth, which, in turn, will drive their business.

If you feel that you are need of help and do not know how to generate leads, using your website to drive your business, there are a variety of things you can do to help grow your business significantly:

Start tracking your success. First and foremost, it is critical to ensure you are benchmarking your current state of lead generation, before you begin any performance conversion tracking for your website. Tracking your conversion rates are an essential part of determining what is or isn’t working for your website, better understanding which landing pages are converting, and which ones that may require optimization.

Perform a conversion. Do you know for sure your website has been designed to convert traffic? Many web design companies know how to create modern and appealing websites, but do not excel at ensuring your website converts. It is important to determine if your website converts, seeking the help of an experienced web designer that specializes in websites that convert.

Make your website more personable. Unique content allows you to make visiting your website a memorable and more meaningful experience. Simply by ensuring you are using images, buttons, and product options that are specifically tailored to their interests, you are more likely to convert. Better yet, personalized calls-to-action convert almost 50% more than basic calls-to-action, making personalization a great tool in generating more leads.

Utilize live chats. Live chats are a good practice for websites that are generating commerce sales. Simply by answering pre-purchase questions, your chat operators may better be able to push the consumer towards the sale, making this tool beneficial for every website.

Use pop ups. Driving traffic to your website is not cheap, even if you aren’t utilizing a pay-per-click campaign. Most people are using not only time and effort, but other forms of marketing, such as SEO, social media, and content marketing, which all create a monetary value for you. This is why you want as many leads as possible to make the money you have put into your website worth it. One good tool to do so is by utilizing a pop up with an exit offer. These are helpful in increasing those conversion rates you need, improving your overall return on investments.

Windy City Web Designs wants to help ensure you are generating leads with your website. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development

Many people use the term Web Design and Web Development interchangeably. What they don’t understand is that these two names have different meanings! If you are starting to look for a job or ask someone to build you a website, you must know the difference between the two.

Web Design: Web design is the customer facing part of the website. A web designer is most concerned with how a site is looking and how the customers are interacting with the site. A good web designer will know how to put together the principles of design to create a site that looks amazing! They also know the usability and how to create a site that customers want to navigate through because it’s easy. You want to keep your customers interested in your product or services that you have to offer. If your site is boring and you want to get things fixed, you need to find a web designer.

Web Development: Now for web development is for the back-end of the website, the programming and interactions side. A developer focuses more on how a site works and how the customers get things done on the site. A good web developer knows how to program and code, like HTML, CSS, PHP, and CGI. They understand how the web forms work and are able to keep your site running smoothly and most of all effectively.

End Of The Day: Both Web Designers and Web Developers are working together to achieve one goal, to create a wonderful website or app that attracts potential customers to your site!

Both the design and development must be sound, a site needs to function properly and look good. Colors and graphics need to reflect the product, brand or service you have to offer.

Defined Lines: Designers and Developers are starting to become more blurred as more designers are starting to learn how to hand code and more developers are start to pay close attention to design theories. We all are realizing the future of Web Designers and Web Developers.

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Starting Your First Blog!

Starting a blog doesn’t cost anything and it’s not complicated. More people start blogging daily, and it seems everyone or business related is doing this! You get to see what they are thinking or what their business has to offer, and it draws their attention. The more and more you do blogging the more likely to have customers coming to your doorsteps asking for your business. They can like and share blogs, or learn from them!

Step 1: Setting Your Blog Up

Using WordPress is a great platform to use; you can use this on any smartphone, computer or tablet. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there and with very good reasons.

Step 2: Choosing A Topic

This is the part where you decide what you want to talk about to your users. Pick a topic to talk about and just write about. Share some thoughts, ideas, trends, and images to go along with the content. If your business is related to Graphic Design, or Web Design share some ideas, thoughts and trends to go along with that. Keep it in your range of business.

Step 3: Learning From Your Peers

Don’t be afraid to admit that when you first started to learn how to blog that you made many countless mistakes. That’s perfectly okay and normal! Blogging can be tricky at first, but after you get the hang of it, you’ll be a pro through out your career/ personal life when it comes down to it. Benefit the knowledge you get from users, and your peers when they visit your site. If your images are too large, you can learn how to fix that issue. If you have spelling or grammar issues you can fix that also.

You can also look up other blogs from other sites, and see what they are doing, and how it’s become effective. Get some ideas and try it out for yourself on your own site.  Just DO NOT copy someone else blogs!! That is a big no! You can look at what they have, and take their topic idea but put everything in your own words as much as possible. Search engines don’t like seeing copyrighted material on the Internet, you can lose rankings by doing that.

If you have any other questions about starting a blog today contact, Windy City Web Designs.

The Integration of Web Design and SEO

At its center, web design is about elevating bland information on a screen into something aesthetically delightful and intuitively recognizable.  It’s also about communicating an idea with other humans.  Cave men had cave paintings, Ancient Egyptians had hieroglyphs, modern man has web design.  Yes, it’s just that important.  What better way to portray your message and content the with a twist of SEO to keep your business thriving.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the strategy of developing and improving your website so that it ranks highly on search engine result pages, preferably on the first page of results.  We know that at least 75% of searchers never scroll past page 1 on Google.  This means that we must make it to the first page in order to be considered by the vast majority of searchers.

Why is SEO Important to Web Designers?

Because it’s important to your clients.  According to this research, over 571 websites are created every second.  Every second.  With all of those websites, your own website has the high probability of being lost forever in the abyss known as beyond page 1 of Google.

What can we do?

Windy City Web Design specializes in the integration of beautiful web design and internet marketing.  This is all mumbo-jumbo for:  We will help you create a website for  your business that not only looks good but will allow your company to gain more clients.

Contact Windy City Web Design today for more information and to get started.

3 Ways To Optimize Your Website To Increase Conversions

Creating a website is easy, and creating a website that is appealing, fun and interactive can be easy, but all of those things wont matter if your website isn’t optimized to be conversion friendly. A conversion is a purchase, lead, contact form fill out, or other form of acquiring client or potential client information.

Here are 3 ways you an increase your conversions while still having a great website.

1. Titles & Description

Make these unique to your business and the specific page you are one. They need to be descriptive as they make the “first impression” to your audience. They need to be short yet provide specific information.


Title- Chicago Landscape Lighting

Description- Chicago landscape lighting and outdoor lighting experts. Contact us today.

2. Call To Actions

These features influence people to sign up or purchase something. Include words such as free, call today, sign up now, call now, click here, book it, etc. When examining your own website think about what you are trying to get your visitor to do and what might be enticing to them.

3. Forms

Easy to use forms allow your audience to quickly contact you without having to answer 100 questions. All the questions can be left to your phone conversation. Acquire the necessary information to contact them and make a great first impression by gaining useful information through your phone conversation.