How to Increase Sales With Your Website

If the main intention of your website is to sell products, then you’re already doing great. The internet has been an amazing place for new, online budding businesses and just keeps growing and improving the services offered.

Despite the amazing opportunity all over the internet for selling your products, most online retailers are completely unaware of how to properly do it. Some will hide their already obscure products deep within their internal pages while others will provide only one link on their entire website to their shop. Websites like this are destroying their probable profits, but with these few simple steps, can turn their website into a very profitable business.

Display Your Featured Products: To let the customer get a sense of what you are trying to sell and what type of company you are, it is important to display your featured or most popular item. This way, the customers will know that others are purchasing through you and they will also know that you are selling a select niche of products.

Choose a Niche: Customers love cheap products but will favor quality over quantity no matter what. When your business is selling products for a specific niche, the customers will know that you are experienced and will likely have higher quality items, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Describe the Product: Today, so much research goes into every purchase, and it is no different when purchasing from your company. Your customers want to be informed, and the more information you offer to the customers, the better. Through thoroughly describing your product, the customers will become more familiar with you and the product, greatly increasing the likelihood of the customer purchasing the product.

Advertising: With the advent of new, innovative, advertising techniques created by Google and others, the power of online advertising is no longer disputable: it’s everywhere and ever-powerful. It is important for you to utilize this power through multiple advertising campaigns, all linking back to your website or shop.

The best way to utilize this method of increasing sales is through a pay per click campaign, or PPC. A PPC will allow you to customize where and how your advertisements are displayed through analyzing the efficiencies of each keyword you are using. You will save money, time, and a lot of frustration by using a PPC for your company.

The internet has transformed the world and must be utilized by all companies to promote their business and boost sales. If your business is looking to start an online store or is simply trying to rejuvenate sales, contact us at Windy City Web Designs to learn more about what we offer!

Generating Leads And Sales For Your Website

Having a website is an essential business tool to have, because every day business uses there site differently. Some use their site to generate instant revenue through e-commerce sales, and others use it to create leads, phones calls and physical locations visits. Every business wants to have leverage to create more growth.

There are many different ways that you can increase your leads, and sales without having to redesign and rebuild. These next tips are simple, and they can help your business grow significantly.

1. Performing A Conversion

Are you sure your website has been designed to convert traffic? Many web design companies are great at creating these very appealing websites, but they aren’t conversion experts.

If your able to identify problems and correct the changes prior to launching the marketing campaign you can reduce the wasted advertising that is spent and give you a stronger base to start with.

2. Start Call Tracking

If your business is using multiple traffic sources to generate phone calls it’s a great idea to start sending each source to dedicate a landing page that is featuring unique phone numbers. By using a call tracking you will be able to see what sources produce more phone calls. With most call tracking services they do record all calls and this is a great way to determine whether lead quality or your sales staff needs to be addressed.

3. Identify Where Users Click And Scroll Too

Once you know where your visitors are and aren’t clicking it will help you to reposition your offers from the dead zones to areas that are attracting those clicks. There is a heat map tool that will not only show you where the clicks are coming from but also what traffic and referral sources that is producing them. The tool can also show you how far down your pages that your visitors are scrolling too. Example, if they only scroll half way down or if they scroll to the very bottom. Then you can determine what content is located where and why your page isn’t being fully viewed.

4. Installing A Live Chat

Many business owners assume that live chat is good for websites that are generating commerce sales. This is correct, answering pre-purchase questions that can help you save sales and chat operators that can push consumers toward the sale. Remember every website can benefit from having this simple tool.

5. Using A Pop Up Offer Before They Leave The Site

When you drive traffic to your website, it’s not cheap. Even when you aren’t running your pay-per-click traffic and paying for every person that visits your site, by using time and effort that the SEO/social media requires this creates a monetary value for everyone.

Many users that leave your site, will never return, so why not use those opportunities to try and convert them? Try using some popup exit offers these will do a great job at increasing those conversion rates you have needed. When using this exit capture, it can improve your overall return on investments.

For more information about how to generate more leads and sales contact Windy City Web Designs.