What Makes A Great Logo

In today’s world, computers do all the design work, and anyone can design a logo. The real question is, how many know what makes a great logo? There is a couple of fundamental design principles that can point you in the correct direction on creating a great logo design.

Simplicity Is Key: This is the number one important aspect of creating a logo design, this is also a key factor that is more forgotten. When you create a logo design, you need to see how it will look in different colors. Keep in mind, some places won’t have the correct colors you have, when printing it out, so it’s best to keep it black and white when submitting it to certain places. Other places will enjoy seeing that creativity you’ve added to your logo.

Having Flexibility: When creating a logo, you need to think about how it can work vertically, horizontally or a standalone icon. Before logos were only used for letterheads, and that was it. Now, you can use it for the web, print, social media accounts, icons and etc.

Being Unique: A logo must be creative and stand out from your competitors. The goal is to make your company known, make sure your logo represents your company so people remember it! If your logo is lacking some design, add a new twist to it.

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Top Business Card Designs in 2016

A business card is more then just having your name and contact information of your business to hand out to recipients. Modern day business cards have become a tool for conveying a very strong message to future clients and customers!

With a new year, come new design ideas and trends for business cards. Make your business card unique, be creative with it and make it pop out so it stands out more to clients and customers.

Take a look at the following trends for your next business card design!

  1. Classic White– In the New Year, business cards will now depend on the heavy classic white. This color is the most dominate! They choose white simply because to have it stand out from the other designs that are on the card. Who know maybe a design could be just some bold lettering against this solid white background. Business cards are also going to be much thicker and heavier so they can be identified quicker then most.
  2. Backside Of Cards – You know how many business cards have that plain blank surface on the back side of business cards with nothing on it? Then new trend for 2016 just did a U-turn. This new trend is going to have designers filling the backspace with the company’s brand color and the logo. The backside of the card could have multiple designs printed that will go great with a white space on the front side of the card.
  3. Having Multiple Shapes – The most popular shape design for a business card has always been a rectangle. This shape is ideal to provide more information about a company. Designers now have looked at other shapes that can stand out. Experimenting with shapes that have rounded edges, squares, even diamonds. Creating a new shape is a way to give your business or company an upscale look.
  4. Visual Punch– In the past several years, graphic designers have used colors to give business cards visual punch. In the New Year, they start to experiment other elements such as engraving or adding textures to make the car look more appealing. Be prepared to see more cards with textured images or stamped lettering.

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Choosing A Logo Designer

It’s hard to find the right designer for your needs, here is a guide to help you choose the right logo designer. These tips could even help you hire a graphic designer, web designer or any other sort of designer.

Experience Having previous projects can give you great ideas on what skill level your designer should be at, and what to be expecting. If they are a new designer they could even produce top quality results. It’s always great to have a portfolio on hand, so you can present some of your top quality work.

Testimonials – Do they have good testimonials from past clients or even colleagues? To ensure the testimonials are valid you can contact the web address that was given or contact that company. Have to make sure if the company even exists.

Design Process – Do they create logo designs like it’s nothing or do they follow something? A typical process would take under 48 hours to complete a logo design.

Published Work– How recognized are they in the design industry? Any publications in books or magazines?

Portfolio – How strong does their portfolio look? Does anything look “fake” ?

CostYou get what you pay for and don’t think price is the only indication. How much does a logo design really cost? Every company has different needs, the best way to determine this is get a customized quote for each client. The service is usually quite evident on what you are going to get.

Affiliations – Are they affiliated with any publications or designs? Good indication of how to determine if they are is essential.

Customer Service – How are they communicating and presenting themselves to you? Do they answer your emails quickly? Every designer should provide great customer service throughout the whole process.

Professionalism – Time management, paying attention to detail, strong communication and  trustworthiness are all vital to go hand in hand with having great customer service skills.

Questions – Every designer should ask a variety of questions to find out your needs that relate to your business goals.

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Advertising Materials For Small Businesses

When starting a business, you must create a product that you want to sell to your ideal customer. Writing down and drawing out ideas should give you a plethora of techniques to pick from. Should be at low cost and use different ones for different parts of your business. Here are a few techniques you should look into doing for your business.

1. Creating Flyers

This is a form of cheap advertising. Once you find an area you want to do your business you can start to hand out flyers, and also put them in mailboxes that are in your area. The information you put on your flyers should be, brief and to the point. Highlighting the services you offer, and provide your contact information. Also if you include a free offer, coupon or a discount, that can draw more customers to you.

2. Visible Posters

Most places offer free bulletin board space for advertisements. Make your posters visible and removable tabs for when customers come to your business. They can present that tab for a discount. If you have multiple locations create each one a different color, so your able to tell which spot is getting more leads. When getting that idea, you can then promote more  ads in the paper, flyers, and more posters in that area.

3. Rewards Offered

Offering reward points, discounts for repeat customers and referrals rewards. This is a powerful selling point for any product or service. You want to increase your customer satisfaction levels and widening the gap between you and other competition, grab their attention and make sure you highlight the values of your product.

4. Having Business Referrals

This is a business-to-business referral, and if you find yourself saying, “I’m sorry we don’t have or sell that item, but the other (name of your business and give location it’s at) does.” Make certain that you also get referrals back from the same place. This network is much stronger when dealing with white-collar professions. Lawyers refer people to accountants, and financial planners refer people to a real estate agent. When you give business referrals to others business it creates a good network and you’ll get referrals in return.

5. Follow Up With Customers

When customers check out, and before you hand them their receipt talk about the survey opportunity they have to rate your business, and to give feed back. Offer a chance for them to win a gift card to your business, or a discount of some sort. Giving them the chance to give back how the quality of the store looked, how organized it was, the customer sanctification to getting help that they needed. Businesses now a days really do read what others have to say about their business, because if something is wrong or negative they fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again. For example, working at a retail store TJ Maxx, if a customer goes to try on clothing and when they come out they give the store a really great rating on how clean the dressing rooms look, or how big it got and they like it, the associates can refer them to fill out a survey on your website and they could have the chance to earn some money, and it only takes 3 minutes to do so.

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Three Steps To Make Your Brand Design

There are three simple steps to follow so you can create your brand design.

Web Design + Print Design + Logo Design= Brand Design

Web Design

Web design is a very important part of any company or organization’s branding. You want your internet presence to empower your business whether you have a storefront or corporate site.

Your storefront must be easy to find, attractive to the eye, effortless to enter and navigate through the site and provide clients with information and that is user friendly.

Your corporate site must enhance your brand image by using very strong graphics and language to engage individuals that visit your site.

Print Design

Here are some communication materials that businesses would be using: business cards, stationery systems like letterhead, note cards and envelopes your image is conveyed with each use.

In your company or organization a must have would be brochures, rack cards, catalogs, newsletters, packaging or other printing materials. All which include your design.

Logo Design 

Strong part to a design is the logo design. It’s what represents your company or organization, it symbolizes the unique value in the marketplace. You want to focus on the creation of a perfectly simple image that can help your clients identify your business just by looking at the logo.

Brand Design

The brand design is what sums up how and what you want to convey to your audience. The more you communicate your understanding of interests, needs and desires, the stronger your brand is.

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