Creating an Effective Marketing Campaign

An effective Internet marketing strategy is essential in any business plan, especially since it can help to build meaningful customer relationships and create brand awareness for your business.

However, implementing an internet marketing plan is not necessarily an easy task, especially when you want to ensure your strategy is not only effective but, also customized to meet your business’s specific needs.

This is where the professional web designers and Internet marketers at Windy City Web Designs can help, providing you with a variety of Internet marketing techniques, such as the following:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A good SEO campaign can drive results and traffic to your site. With SEO, popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, will recognize your website, which in turn will allow your organic search results to rank higher on search results pages within those search engines, making you easier to find than your competitors. It is important to recognize, however, that SEO campaigns take time, so you will need to be patient while implementing this Internet marketing technique.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) 

A PPC campaign allows your business to be found easily amongst the search engines, and your potential customers, simply by advertising your business through paid ads. And, with PPC, you can be provided with almost immediate results. The main difference with PPC is that you pay for each click on your ad, which can make this a very cost-effective way to market your business, especially since you can set a budgeted limit on your clicks.

Content Marketing

Simply by producing relevant content, you can attract current and potential customers with the information that they are looking for. Content marketing can also be effective when you have attractive images and videos on your website as well. Also, using content marketing in combination with a good search engine marketing plan can be an especially effective Internet marketing plan.

Windy City Web Designs can help your business grow online, ensuring you are standing out amongst your competitors. Contact us for more information or to get started on a customized website and Internet marketing campaign today.

Tips To Write Better Content On Your Website

While many people feel like they need to be a professional writer in order to write engaging and valuable content on your website, this cannot be further from the truth. Yes, your website’s content plays an intricate role in the success of your business, however, you do not have to be a literary scholar, you just need to connect with your audience and deliver the information they are looking for.

Here are some helpful tips to help you write better content on your website:

Ensure your content has purpose. Before writing your website’s content, whether it be for your web pages, blog, or social media page, be sure you know what you are trying to write and what you are trying to convey. This will help you from feeling like you are suffering from “writer’s block,” as well as allow the words to properly set the tone.

Avoid being lengthy. Too many words can deter your visitors. Try to keep to the point, as well as ensure it has a flow and purpose, which will help to keep your readers interested in what you have to say. Also, be sure that your spelling and grammar are correct, as this can turn people off.

Write better titles. While it may be tempting to come up with a clever title, it is best to stick with a tile that is clear and direct. Whether for your blog, or your website’s newsletter, by identifying what the article is about in the title will help your visitor decide if they want to read it or not.

Just write. It is difficult to avoid editing and going back to other parts of what you are writing during the writing process. However, it is always best to let the words flow and just write. By editing along the way and going back, you are disrupting the creative process, putting you at risk of losing your great ideas.

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Have You Considered These Marketing Trends?

An effective Internet marketing campaign can help you to stand out from your competition. And since the Internet is always changing the way information is being shared, it is important to know what marketing trends are current and that you should consider implementing.

Content Marketing

One of the easiest ways to draw visitors to your website is by ensuring your content is relevant and valuable. Not only will this allow you to establish authority, insight, and even entertainment, but this is a beneficial way to help you be found amongst the search engines as well and allows your brand to build rapport with your clients and potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

There is perhaps no easier way to draw in and build relationships with your clientele than by using social media networks like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media outlets are not only beneficial in allowing businesses to engage with their audience, but they also help to provide a more personalized experience for your customers.

Mobile Marketing

The use of mobile devices continues to rise, making accessibility a must. If your website is not designed to display well on mobile devices, then you are likely missing out on potential customers. By ensuring your website is mobile friendly, you will capture your audience, which in turn, will create new business leads, potentially ending in sales.

From customized websites, to our personalized Internet marketing campaigns, Windy City Web Designs wants to help you business succeed online. For more information on how we can take your Internet marketing to the next level, contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

Defining Link Building And Why It’s Needed

With Windy City Web Designs we specialize in link-building for many companies, which we create websites for. It’s often impossible to build links if the website is not well optimized. Link building is the majority of what we do. We have many other things that are in between this process to make sure your site does show up on other sites.

The basic description of a link builder’s activity is depending upon tactics, strategies, linkable assets, and the target audience. Link Building is fairly simple, and sometimes people think it is too complicated to do. What you need to do first is to find a website you want a link from, and to figure out how to get the person behind the site to link.

It’s good to sit down with your team and go over your client’s websites and do a little brainstorming. Discuss other types of sites that would be both relevant and authoritative, that would have a captive audience within the target demographic. Everyday try to think of a new way to be creative way to engage your client’s target audiences and the websites that they are visiting frequently.

When you start to work with a variety of business from Orthodontics, Dermatology, Massage Therapist, Doctors, Adventure Camps. Many others you start to get to know who they are and finding out what there likes and dislikes are. You meet there needs and wants as to what they want for their website.

What link building does will determine a company’s intrinsic value, unique selling proposition, target audience, linkable assets and industry presence. Link building is the intelligent promotion of a website, page or asset that will give the primary intention of a building a link.

This is about the understanding of the website you’re representing. You the company know how valuable they are worth linking too. You also know and understand their target website, and their audience, and why it’s valuable for them to link to your client. Then lastly you contact them and specifically outline both why your client’s website has that certain value and why it helps their site or audience to link to your client.

For more information about Link Building contact, Windy City Web Designs.

How Responsive Design Can Help Your Online Marketing Campaign

Responsive web design has gained in popularity and importance over the past year. Not only is it beneficial to your Internet presence, but is also critical because it allows for those millions of mobile and tablet users to have a more user-friendly experience when visiting your website, keeping you ahead of your competition.

What Is Responsive Design?

Responsive web design is an approach in which a website is designed to respond to the user’s behavior, regardless of what type of device is being used. For example, if someone is visiting your website from their mobile device, the will detect what device is being used and adjust itself for optimal viewing by the user.

How Responsive Design Will Help Your Online Marketing Efforts?

  • Content Marketing- When implementing content marketing campaigns such as blogs or newsletters, your users will be able to read your posts much easier with responsive design, as well as use their social sharing buttons.
  • Search Marketing- With responsive design, your users will be able to click on a specific page link, and be directed to the desired page, instead of being redirected to your homepage, allowing for a much more user-friendly experience.
  • Social Media Marketing- Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are not only good ways to interact with your customers and build your brand, but they are perhaps the most inexpensive way to implement a marketing campaign. This can especially be effective when your users wish to visit your social media page from their mobile device.

The Other Benefits Of Responsive Design

  • Increase your sales and conversion rates.
  • Consolidate all of your tracking and analytics.
  • The ability to manage and maintain a single site.
  • Increase your audience.

Take your website to the next level with a compatible responsive web design, contact Windy City Web Designs to get a customized quote today!