Consider These Aspects Of A Website Before Designing Yours

Looking to start 2017 with a new website design? If so, there are several important aspects of your website that you need to consider, especially before meeting with your web designer.

What Is Your Color Palette?

Many people tend to go with basic colors, sticking to blue, white, or green, especially when designing their website themselves. However, when working with an experienced web designer, you may find yourself speaking with a branding specialist who better understands the importance of certain colors, especially as it pertains to your business.

Did You Get Ideas From Your Competitors?

Looking at different websites can be beneficial in deciding what you do and don’t like in a website’s design. You should consider things like images, color palettes, responsiveness, clean design, and how easy the website is to use and follow. Give your designer a few different sites that you like, and sites that you don’t like, so they can help to determine what kind of website you are looking for.

What’s Your Marketing Goal? 

There is nothing more important than knowing who your targeted audience is going to be. From your content, to your web design, all aspects of your website is designed around  who your audience is going to be and what their needs are. Once you figure out who your target audience is, you can start to find out what you are wanting in a website. If your business is working with professionals, you can choose a formal tone, and as for retailers, a more informal design may be necessary.

How People Will Find Your Site?

Once your perfect website has been completed, your next big goal is to direct traffic to your website. With social media integration, you can easily gain more of exposure, in turn, increase your traffic. If you do not have traffic coming to your website, something is going wrong, and you don’t want to risk losing potential customers.

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Ensure Your Website Defines Your Business

Your business’s website can act as a virtual extension of your business. This is why it is important to ensure your website truly defines your business, setting you apart from your competition.

Here are some ways Windy City Web Designs can help ensure your business stands out from the rest:

Ensure your website design is attractive. Your website’s appearance, including your logo, color scheme, images, and fonts, are all setting the tone for who your business is and what it represents, which ultimately attracts your targeted audience.

Ensure your website is consistent. Everything on your website should serve a purpose. Being conscious of brand reinforcement will help strengthen your brand. If you simply try to market to a variety of people, or just anyone, the likeliness you will create a murky brand, making your entire business confusing to your audience.

Ensure you have a web presence. Having a website is the first step to gaining presence, but an advertising or Internet marketing campaign is essential step in the process. Be sure to integrate your social media accounts, which will extend your business messaging to a much larger audience, as well as get involved in community and industry events, which will help to give your business a presence not only online, but in your community.

Ensure your content is relevant. Understanding how your audience perceives your business is key to reaching current clients and potential clients. Helping you to do so is your website’s content. You should understand your business’s strong points and prove your business’s value to customers, only providing content that is relevant and meaningful.

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The Different Types Of Designs You Should Consider For Your Business


Design plays an intricate role in today’s success of websites and businesses. From web design, to brand design, there are a variety of designs that you should consider using for your business.

Website Design- An effective website design is critical to the success of any business that wishes to have an online presence. And since your Internet presence will empower your business it is important to ensure you are not only easy to find, but attractive to your visitors, and offer a user-friendly navigation and meaningful content throughout your entire website.

Print Design- Print design offers a variety of printed materials that businesses use to market their business. From business cards, to stationaries and letterheads, to note cards and envelopes, your business’s image is conveyed with each use. Some other must haves for many businesses are additional print items, such as brochures, catalogs, newsletters, packaging or other printing materials.

Logo Design- Strong part to a design is the logo design. Your logo represents your company or organization, symbolizing your unique value in the marketplace. Be sure to focus on the creation of a perfectly simple image that can help your clients identify your business, simply by looking at your logo.

Brand Design- Brand design sums up how and what you want to convey to your audience. The more you communicate who you are, and what you do, the stronger your brand will be.

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How To Do Marketing On Twitter

Have you looked at most companies’ social media activity? Chances are, their Twitter presence is going to have the smallest, but still rapidly growing. Did you know that Twitter was originally created for sharing short thoughts, and yet it has been growing into one of the three core social media platforms?!  It’s very important to pay attention to your tweets.

Tweets are motivational and inspiring. Everyone has his or her own different ideas. The point is to grow your Twitter presence throughout the compelling content. Potential followers won’t waste time on your page if your tweets aren’t very interesting to them, or seem to catch their attention. With about 302 million active users as of right now, Twitter is a platform you should not miss out on. To ensure you too make the most of your account, utilize these three keys:

Favorite / re-tweet content

Finding content that is based on hashtags (#) can be the KEY to growing more followers to your page. When you (favorite) something that is posted on Twitter, Twitter uses the word as a verb. When your able to keep in contact with those who follow you this is called the white-hat approach. Which enables you to interact with real people while you’re seamlessly growing your Twitter following.


In order for your account to stay active, it’s recommended to at least tweet something once a day. Now if you are running a Twitter account for your brand, there really isn’t going to be a limit on tweets. Tweet away! It’s recommended to Tweet at least five minutes.

Interact with your followers

Tweeting your own tweets is just as important as responding to what other people are saying to you while being on twitter. If someone were to tweet (@yourtwittername), make sure to respond in a timely manner, because oftentimes brands actually use Twitter as an extension to their customer support activities.


The best way to integrate your brand on Twitter is by voicing your opinion on trends. If some of your Tweets are going viral through a hashtag, chances are your Twitter following will start to increase dramatically! Now to see what is trending daily on Twitter simply head to the homepage and look at the bottom left hand corner. If something seems to catch your eye, tweet about it! Tweet what you think about it, and see if anyone has something to say. It’s one way of showing your interest on Twitter.

Twitter is continuing to grow as you read this blog and it should be an essential part of your company’s marketing strategy. Simply by interacting with your followers, you will be able to find that they will become more loyal to your brand.

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How To Create Compelling Mobile Ads

Mobile devices can offer many solutions for marketers to help with their problems that are associated with final stretch in marketing communication. Since then, mobile marketing can target prospects that are on the go, and it encourages them to make a point of sale. Putting messaging through Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, to also inform customers about deals and purchase opportunities.

Data gathers from apps, past purchases and social media enables them to send out messages to those different audiences. To communicate via mobile marketing, depending on the consumers behavior, it enables business to defend upon competing messages.

These mobile messages serves as to alert customers about what to expect, as far as product images, videos and reviews. Creating that impression the buy can carry into your store or to the online site. Businesses have to ensure to their customers that the difference between what was  shown on their site is in the fact the actual product.

When major purchases such as electronic gadgets, household appliances, or even a vehicle. Marketing channels can provide customers with the valuable information.

Mobile devices can be used to start and end a transaction, and also collect important data. The availability of having Google searches, yellow pages and coupons sites on mobile devices places which  helps give consumers queries that result in a purchase.

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Changing The Color Of Your Website

Color is determined for website trust and satisfaction. Color can influence their perception through priming effect and expose to one stimulus influences. Exposure to a certain color can influence the reader’s reaction towards the site and it can be emotional or turn it into a negative or positive interacting with the site.

Certain colors are perceived to be more appropriate than others are and very little evidence to support, for example green call to action will make a person’s purchase more often than yellow. Background colors and images on a site can influence importance and product choice.

Having The Right Color

If you hear something about “football”, it relates to men, and “shopping” for women. When those two things are mentioned football or shopping, that person will know what you are talking about.

It is the same for colors. If you’re creating a site for little girls you use the color pink, this sends the message to the customer and creates a well connection. This creates a positive connection and would give your business a better chance at it being liked more. Another example would be food and bars of soap. Those colors are yellow and green, which relates to cleanliness.

No guidelines are set for what you have to do your website, but the best way to draw in that certain audience is to think about colors. For more information, contact Windy City Web Designs. 


How To Increase App Installations

Email marketing can help increase your app installations for mobile devices, if done the correct way. Be patience and work hard build up that database of subscribers, stick with it, and it will speed up for process.

For you to succeed with email marketing, you must first look directly at acquiring customers to engage their leads. Once you have followers that want to hear from you, trust you and knowing that your going to give them guidance it will come to that point where choosing the product and service that’s best suited for their needs.

Email Addresses

Collecting email addresses from people that are interested in hearing from you, or want to know more about your business. This is one of the most important factor of email-marketing. Find ways to get your users to share their information with you, be conscious of what you are offering to the audience. For example, offer a free eBook, or whitepaper.

Email Signups

Another great way to capture more signups for your website, when users click on your page make sure you show them the value of what you have to offer, along with the signup form. Let the users know how often you send out emails, so they aren’t worrying about how many emails a week they are going to get. Sending to many emails annoys a user and makes them mark your email as spam. Not good.


Once you got your users attention and engaged them continue to engage them. This also is a great way for them to refer them to your network. A way to keep them engaged is to send content to your audience they love to read which would increase the chances of them sticking around. Ensure your content is from some of the best blogs and publications in your industry.

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Advertising Materials For Small Businesses

When starting a business, you must create a product that you want to sell to your ideal customer. Writing down and drawing out ideas should give you a plethora of techniques to pick from. Should be at low cost and use different ones for different parts of your business. Here are a few techniques you should look into doing for your business.

1. Creating Flyers

This is a form of cheap advertising. Once you find an area you want to do your business you can start to hand out flyers, and also put them in mailboxes that are in your area. The information you put on your flyers should be, brief and to the point. Highlighting the services you offer, and provide your contact information. Also if you include a free offer, coupon or a discount, that can draw more customers to you.

2. Visible Posters

Most places offer free bulletin board space for advertisements. Make your posters visible and removable tabs for when customers come to your business. They can present that tab for a discount. If you have multiple locations create each one a different color, so your able to tell which spot is getting more leads. When getting that idea, you can then promote more  ads in the paper, flyers, and more posters in that area.

3. Rewards Offered

Offering reward points, discounts for repeat customers and referrals rewards. This is a powerful selling point for any product or service. You want to increase your customer satisfaction levels and widening the gap between you and other competition, grab their attention and make sure you highlight the values of your product.

4. Having Business Referrals

This is a business-to-business referral, and if you find yourself saying, “I’m sorry we don’t have or sell that item, but the other (name of your business and give location it’s at) does.” Make certain that you also get referrals back from the same place. This network is much stronger when dealing with white-collar professions. Lawyers refer people to accountants, and financial planners refer people to a real estate agent. When you give business referrals to others business it creates a good network and you’ll get referrals in return.

5. Follow Up With Customers

When customers check out, and before you hand them their receipt talk about the survey opportunity they have to rate your business, and to give feed back. Offer a chance for them to win a gift card to your business, or a discount of some sort. Giving them the chance to give back how the quality of the store looked, how organized it was, the customer sanctification to getting help that they needed. Businesses now a days really do read what others have to say about their business, because if something is wrong or negative they fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again. For example, working at a retail store TJ Maxx, if a customer goes to try on clothing and when they come out they give the store a really great rating on how clean the dressing rooms look, or how big it got and they like it, the associates can refer them to fill out a survey on your website and they could have the chance to earn some money, and it only takes 3 minutes to do so.

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Three Steps To Make Your Brand Design

There are three simple steps to follow so you can create your brand design.

Web Design + Print Design + Logo Design= Brand Design

Web Design

Web design is a very important part of any company or organization’s branding. You want your internet presence to empower your business whether you have a storefront or corporate site.

Your storefront must be easy to find, attractive to the eye, effortless to enter and navigate through the site and provide clients with information and that is user friendly.

Your corporate site must enhance your brand image by using very strong graphics and language to engage individuals that visit your site.

Print Design

Here are some communication materials that businesses would be using: business cards, stationery systems like letterhead, note cards and envelopes your image is conveyed with each use.

In your company or organization a must have would be brochures, rack cards, catalogs, newsletters, packaging or other printing materials. All which include your design.

Logo Design 

Strong part to a design is the logo design. It’s what represents your company or organization, it symbolizes the unique value in the marketplace. You want to focus on the creation of a perfectly simple image that can help your clients identify your business just by looking at the logo.

Brand Design

The brand design is what sums up how and what you want to convey to your audience. The more you communicate your understanding of interests, needs and desires, the stronger your brand is.

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