Your Website: How To Streamline Your Business

While you may know how to successfully run your business, do you know how to better your business practices by streamlining? If you answered no, here are some helpful tips to help you better streamline your business when it comes your website?

Managing Your Website

In today’s world, it is important that you have a website that helps to market your business, especially when growing your businesses. However, it is as equally important that you are not going without maintaining, caring for, or providing ample attention to your website, updating it regularly.

If this is an issue, it may be a good idea to invest in a managed hosting company to work for your business. Managed hosting gives you are variety of benefits, including: added security, higher speed, automatic updates, zero downtime, expert technical support, as well as backups performed daily.

Monitoring Your Website With Analytics

Google Analytics has become an extremely useful tool in monitoring the impact of your website, providing you with helpful information that can give you a better insight into where customers are coming from, when they are finding you, as well as what content is most relevant and driving traffic.

There are other things that website analytics tools can do to help monitor your website. From the ability to notify you of issues you may have with your site, such as broken links, and providing you with helpful tips to help you increase your traffic, these analytics tools enable you to make your website run more efficiently, allowing you to focus on your marketing efforts in order to help improve your online visibility.

Let Your Website Do The Work

Your website is a great tool, so use it. Your website is your main access point to your clients and customers, which is why it is important that you are offering them with the ability to access information about your products or services, which can keep them from needing to contact you directly for the very same information they can get directly off of your website, preventing them from getting frustrated and leaving, or worse, going to your competitor.

Many web design companies, like Windy City Web Designs, can provide you with effective, reliable, and customized websites, providing you with the tools necessary, including the ability to set up online purchasing and billing.

If you need help with managing or monitoring your website, or are interested in learning more about how your website can help to streamline your business, contact Windy City Web Designs today for more information.

Analytic Dashboards

Think of your dashboard in your car, all the important features that are important to you would be to your clients. If you organize your analytic dashboard, it will make things much easier.

Executive Dashboard – Focus on financials, conversion rates, the number of sales, and leads. Executives always want to see money first, to see how they are doing in every area. Nobody wants to go through marketing first and then the numbers. Now everyone has generic metric, pages that viewed, bounce rate and metrics focus on using the main filters to go to the specific areas on that site. You should view the following:

  • Directional information
  • Discount
  • Packages
  • Location of site

Measure out the behavior that is on your site, and then reverse engineer. If a company can see which area on the site is drawing more attention too and you want them to look at the other pages, try to link pages together so they are not just looking at one page.

CMO Dashboard – Now from a marketing perceptive, you want to help make it look amazing! When building the dashboard for your CMO marketing side, talk about what matters to them. Find out what they really want to learn. You need to tune in to figure out exactly what they want to find out, and match their exact territory. Go back to using filters, like on the executive dashboard. You need to determine, how do you measure the acquisition to the behavior on the site and then what can it create?

Tech Check Dashboard – The one important feature that most people do not hear anymore is tech check. We need to see more companies coming to a realization that we all use different devices to view websites for all topics and to do online shopping. We want to see a setup so we can view these web pages on multiple web browsers on a mobile and tablet device, and desktop. Do you have any gaps, places that your site is not using the full potential or issues with the shopping carts? You want to be able to track all this down. The most effective way to look to see what is falling off your site is by looking on the computer, mobile or tablet device on the browsers. If you are having any issues what is so ever on your site, bring it to your web designer and see what they can do to find and fix the issue for you. Having a broken site is never good; you have that risk at loosing potential customers and future ones.

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