How to Increase Your Online Traffic

With the holiday season just around the corner, many businesses want to increase their online presence in order to get the most sales they can get before the year comes to an end. To set this in place, Windy City Web Designs has some essential tips for you in order to increase your online traffic.

Creating a Blog: Writing a blog of fresh information for your website will increase your online traffic. It is important to keep the audience up to date with the latest information of your business, this will make them visit your page frequently. The more often you post a blog, the higher your website is ranked in search engines due to the amount of pages being generated. One of the most crucial things to do in your blogs is to personalize your information. This will draw the customers closer to your brand, making it more than just a business, but the people working behind the brand name have a purpose in doing so. Establishing links in your content is helpful to guide users to other areas of your website to promote your brand.

Social Media Platforms:
Connecting social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to your business will have a huge effect on your website’s viewing. With our generation always on the go, it is easy for users to connect to your business via social media despite where they are.

SEO to Your Advantage: Search Engine Optimization is an effectual way to receive more users visiting your website. Utilizing strong keywords in appropriate places will rank your website higher in search engines. When being an owner of a website, you should be sure your website runs smoothly on all platforms and devices to have the best user-friendliness available.

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Using Too Much Paper In The Workplace? Utilize Your Online Platforms

Throughout today’s business world, many companies and corporations are having the unnecessary worry of using too much paper in the workplace. However, this can be prevented by utilizing online platforms to increase your company’s ultimate viewing and establishing a more user-friendly way to convey information to your audience. Windy City Web Designs has some additional factual tips to help further your business using the web.


Business owners want to give their clients all the information they need in order to get their purpose across. This can be difficult when using paper, however, once the business owner starts to transfer their information over to an online source, it will be much easier for the customers to navigate, this will increase their potential online presence. Occurring in many different companies, there are handbooks where all the particular information and details are listed. This can take lots of paper and time print out, but can be fixed by converting your business online, start a weekly blog, and involve your brand more with customers.

In order to increase your brand’s sales, you should use these tips for how online platforms are effective:

Contact Directly: With transferring over online, you’ll be able to have your clients contact you easier. This can include email, where the customer has simple access to contacting your business, rather than waiting for the company to be open to contact. This will be a more effective way to convey information between the client and the business.

Creating a weekly newsletter or blog for your clients to view online is easier than having to take the time to print out each post. Blogging is the best way to keep your audience informed and interested with fresh information. As the business owner, you have the power to go through a professional website design company in order to perfect your content. In addition, you have the ability to offer your clients to sign up for a weekly newsletter emailed directly to them. This will guarantee your audience is viewing your information listed in the latest newsletter.

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Increasing Your Online Sales to Have Your Best Holiday

With the holiday season only months away, it is essential for businesses to start increasing their online sales in order to have the best holiday. The year is coming to an end and the holidays are soon to start, customers are going to start buying more for the holidays. This is a crucial time of year to increase your online presence so your sales grow more. Windy City Web Designs is here to help you increase your online sales with this helpful tips.

How do you increase your online sales?

Start a blog: Blogging is one of many ways to increase your online presence, writing a blog every week to update your customers with fresh information will make them return to your website frequently. This will increase your ranking in search engines.

Know your competition: Knowing who your competition is and what services they provide is very important when trying to increase online traffic. It is key to offer better services than your competitors and make it known of that to grow your online presence.

Use social media: It is the 21st century, everyone is on their phones scrolling through their feeds on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. To increase your online traffic, get known on these platforms by posting daily content showing off your brand.

Connect with your audience:
Establishing a connection to your customers is smart to do when trying to increase online sales. You should clearly state how your brand will benefit the consumers and why it is a necessary product or service. This will make your online traffic grow since your clients will see a side to the company that is not only selling a product, but benefiting the consumer.

Increasing your online sales during this time of year starts with growing your following. To ensure your online traffic will grow at a fast pace, use the tips above to guarantee a great online sales increase this holiday season. For more information on how to grow your brand’s sales, contact our team today at Windy City Web Designs.

What Makes a Successful Logo Design

In today’s society, it can be difficult to find the difference between a good logo design and a poor logo design. You may be asking what is the difference between a good and poor logo design and how to create the best logo? We are here to help you at Windy City Web Designs to create the perfect logo for you with only a few steps to follow.


4 steps to follow to ensure your logo is the best it can be:


Simple – Keep your logo simple! You want your design to be recognizable and easy to remember for your audience. A complex logo design will not only be hard to remember when seen, it will draw away your audience. Is the design easy to describe when seen at an outsider’s point of view?


Memorable – You want your audience to easily remember and recall your business when looking at your logo. A great logo will ensure the viewer will recall your business when they see your logo. Will your logo make a lasting impression on the intended audience?


Distinct – You want your logo to be unique and set apart from competitors. You do not want your audience to confuse you for other brands as well as side with the other brands. It is best to go with a logo design that is simple but has a clear difference from others that draws the audience in. Is your logo easily distinguishable from competitors?


Versatile – Color, shape, and sizing of the logo is just as important as the message you are getting across. Ensuring that your logo is compatible in any size and color will lead you to more success. Focus on the sizing and shapes when designing a logo, color should come last. Is your logo still effective as a stamp or the size of a billboard?


The best logo you can develop should include all of the steps above, our services at Windy City Web Designs are designed to help you better your business. Our team is here to guide you through any step of the process you desire, give us a call today for great services in web design.

Increasing Your Online Sales

Businesses nowadays realize they can increase their revenue by opening an e-commerce shopping cart. When you shop online, you don’t get that in-store experience and customer satisfaction. Here at Windy City Web Designs, we have compiled a list your company can follow to increase your online sales.

Ensuring Your Customers Privacy: It’s important to make sure your customers know that your server is secure by purchasing an SSL, a standard security technology that has an encryption linked between the web server and browser. This ensures all data that is passed between the two, remains private and integral.

Business History: When attracting new clients, make sure you provide a background about your company and credibility you have achieved, to give the customer a sense of safety and comfort.

Giving Your Customers Incentives: If you don’t give your customers something to check out on your site, they won’t. Try adding coupon codes, attractive headlines, and guarantees. The first step in sales is too attractive customers to your site.

Payment Options: Providing flexible sales online should be just the same as it is in-store sales. Accepting Credit Cards, E-Checks. Debit- Cards, and other forms of payments online.

For more details about how to increase your online sales, give us a call here at Windy City Web Designs, and someone will be able to help you.

What Makes A Great Logo

In today’s world, computers do all the design work, and anyone can design a logo. The real question is, how many know what makes a great logo? There is a couple of fundamental design principles that can point you in the correct direction on creating a great logo design.

Simplicity Is Key: This is the number one important aspect of creating a logo design, this is also a key factor that is more forgotten. When you create a logo design, you need to see how it will look in different colors. Keep in mind, some places won’t have the correct colors you have, when printing it out, so it’s best to keep it black and white when submitting it to certain places. Other places will enjoy seeing that creativity you’ve added to your logo.

Having Flexibility: When creating a logo, you need to think about how it can work vertically, horizontally or a standalone icon. Before logos were only used for letterheads, and that was it. Now, you can use it for the web, print, social media accounts, icons and etc.

Being Unique: A logo must be creative and stand out from your competitors. The goal is to make your company known, make sure your logo represents your company so people remember it! If your logo is lacking some design, add a new twist to it.

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How To Tell If You Have Good or Bad Online Reputation

Having a good reputation online will increase sales, and draw in more clients to your company. When searching for a company we result in Google or Facebook for more information. If a negative review pops up or if your information is incorrect, you run the risk of losing business.

Good vs Bad :

  • Search Results – When searching for your company, you want to make sure that it applies correctly. Nothing that is similar or entirely devoted to someone else that could share the same name as you. Google your company, and see what pops up.
  • Correct Information – When connecting with other businesses on LinkedIn, they are going to want more information about what your company does. Having accurate information on Google will help others get to know your company more.
  • Lack of Information / Search Results – For anyone who Googles your business, if no information is found , negative reviews, or false information it can cause lack of credibility for your company, and potentially make you lose customers. Requesting good reviews can help your company generate relevant and positive content.
  • Unnecessary Content – Having inappropriate or embarrassing photos , controversial opinions, and bad reviews can become a huge problem. You never want to post compromising photos that could reflect your company poorly. In doing so, you risk the chance of losing future clients.

Review Management Can Be Fixed

Repairing your company’s reputation online doesn’t happen overnight. Achieving this goal can be incrementally fortifying the search results with preferred content to create suitable results. This will allow you to focus on your business.  Here at Windy City Web Designs, we can show you how to manage your online reviews, and help monitor the good vs bad.

For more information about how you can improve your Review Management contact Windy City Web Designs.

How to Increase Sales With Your Website

How to Increase Sales With Your Website

If the main intention of your website is to sell products, then you’re already doing great. The internet has been an amazing place for new, online budding businesses and just keeps growing and improving the services offered.

Despite the amazing opportunity all over the internet for selling your products, most online retailers are completely unaware of how to properly do it. Some will hide their already obscure products deep within their internal pages while others will provide only one link on their entire website to their shop. Websites like this are destroying their probable profits, but with these few simple steps, can turn their website into a very profitable business.

Display Your Featured Products: To let the customer get a sense of what you are trying to sell and what type of company you are, it is important to display your featured or most popular item. This way, the customers will know that others are purchasing through you and they will also know that you are selling a select niche of products.

Choose a Niche: Customers love cheap products but will favor quality over quantity no matter what. When your business is selling products for a specific niche, the customers will know that you are experienced and will likely have higher quality items, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Describe the Product: Today, so much research goes into every purchase, and it is no different when purchasing from your company. Your customers want to be informed, and the more information you offer to the customers, the better. Through thoroughly describing your product, the customers will become more familiar with you and the product, greatly increasing the likelihood of the customer purchasing the product.

Advertising: With the advent of new, innovative, advertising techniques created by Google and others, the power of online advertising is no longer disputable: it’s everywhere and ever-powerful. It is important for you to utilize this power through multiple advertising campaigns, all linking back to your website or shop.

The best way to utilize this method of increasing sales is through a pay per click campaign, or PPC. A PPC will allow you to customize where and how your advertisements are displayed through analyzing the efficiencies of each keyword you are using. You will save money, time, and a lot of frustration by using a PPC for your company.

The internet has transformed the world and must be utilized by all companies to promote their business and boost sales. If your business is looking to start an online store or is simply trying to rejuvenate sales, contact us at Windy City Web Designs to learn more about what we offer!


Web Design vs. Web Development

Web Design vs. Web Development

Many people often confuse the terms web design and web development, using them interchangeably. While they sound alike, and sound like they mean the same thing, their meanings are actually very different from each other.

When making the decision to build or design your website, it is important to know the difference between the two.

What Is Web Design? 

Web design is the part of the website referred to as the “front end”, or the customer-facing part. This part of the website includes the appearance of the website and how the customers interact with it.

A good web designer will know how to put together all the principles of design in order to create a site that is not only appealing, but modern as well. Designers also understand the importance of usability and how to create a site that customers want to navigate through because of the site’s ease of use.

It is important to know the importance of keeping your customers interested in your product or services that you have to offer. If your site is boring, your customers will likely think so too. Be sure to keep your website updated and fresh.

What Is Web Development?

Web development is the part of the website that refers to the back-end of the site, or the programming and interactions side. A web developer focuses more on how a site works and how the customers get things done on the site.

A good web developer knows how to program and code with ubiquitous languages such as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), PHP (recursively known as PHP Hypertext Preprocessor), and CGI (Common Gateway Interface). Web developers also understand how the web forms work, ensuring they are able to keep your site running smoothly and effectively.

Web Design vs. Web Development

Both Web Designers and Web Developers need to work together to achieve one goal, creating an effective and modern website or app that attracts potential customers to your business.

In order for a website to function properly and be attractive at the same time, both the design and development must be sound. Colors, graphics, and content need to reflect the product, brand, or service that you are offering.

If you have any questions, or need help with your web design or web development needs, contact the professional designers and developers at Windy City Web Designs.


What To Look For In Your Designer

What To Look For In Your Designer

It can be hard to find the right designer for your web design and logo design needs, especially with all the people out there that claim to be the right designer for you and your needs. In order to help you choose the right designer, here are some things to look for:

Experience: When choosing your ideal design, it is important to hire someone who understands your needs, creating a design that is effective and attractive for your business. When an experienced designer has previous projects, you can get an idea of what skill level your designer is at and what you should expect from them.

Published Work: Be sure to ask and see if your designer has any previous work that has been printed or published, looking at their works so you can better understand their design style and level of experience. Ask for their portfolio, as well as any testimonials or recommendations they may have.

Professionalism: Time management, attention to detail, strong communication skills, and trustworthiness are all vital in a designer’s level of professionalism. Another thing to look for is the way they handle your questions and how long it takes for them to respond. Customer service skills are an important factor in a designer’s professionalism.

Interest: It is important to look for someone who is curious and wants to learn more about your business and what your brand represents, asking a variety of questions in order to find out what your wants and needs are for your design, and ultimately for your business.

Affordability: Since every business has different design needs, the best way to determine what the cost for your specific design will be is to get a customized quote. The service is usually quite evident on what you are going to get.

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