Why Your Website Needs Local Landing Pages

Local landing pages have become an important role in search engine optimization (SEO) for websites today. Simply by developing city specific landing pages on your website, you can increase your visibility, as well as your organic rankings. This is especially beneficial to businesses who are a single-location service area business (SAB).

For example, say you are a landscaper who travels to their clients in a 30-mile radius, in the event that you travel from your home or office in order to serve your customers, your business is considered a single-location service area business (SAB).

Here are some things you should consider when creating your local landing pages:

  1. Identify the cities in which you serve.
  2. Create a unique page of content on your website for each of these cities.
  3. Link to these pages from a top level menu.

It is important that when you create these local landing pages that you are including relevant and helpful content, specific to each location. Here are some ideas to help you develop unique local landing pages:

  1. How long has your business been providing services?
  2. How long have your customers been with your business?
  3. How are your products or services used within the community?
  4. Is your business involved in the community?
  5. Is your product or service in high demand?
  6. How did your business get it’s start? Talk about the people on your team.

If you are interested in adding local landing pages to your website or to see how we can help better your SEO, contact Windy City Web Designs for more information today.

Call-Only Adds Introduced To Google

Google has announced the launch of new, call-only campaigns for Google AdWords. This lets businesses reach their customers by prominently showing their phone number, a description of their business and a call only button on the search results.

Many people live their lives online and engage with your business primarily through their mobile phones. With having a smartphone in hand, consumers can see the increase of products or services that are available on the go and can place a call shortly after they find what they need.

With call-only campaign they are specially created to show on mobile devices so you can make a phone call from the add directly. Meaning for every time someone clicks on that call button to call your business, you pay for those clicks.

It is recommended that tailoring ads for calls with language like “call to schedule an appointment” or “speak to a representative now”.

For more details about call-only campaigns for AdWords contact, Windy City Web Designs.

Advertising Materials For Small Businesses

When starting a business, you must create a product that you want to sell to your ideal customer. Writing down and drawing out ideas should give you a plethora of techniques to pick from. Should be at low cost and use different ones for different parts of your business. Here are a few techniques you should look into doing for your business.

1. Creating Flyers

This is a form of cheap advertising. Once you find an area you want to do your business you can start to hand out flyers, and also put them in mailboxes that are in your area. The information you put on your flyers should be, brief and to the point. Highlighting the services you offer, and provide your contact information. Also if you include a free offer, coupon or a discount, that can draw more customers to you.

2. Visible Posters

Most places offer free bulletin board space for advertisements. Make your posters visible and removable tabs for when customers come to your business. They can present that tab for a discount. If you have multiple locations create each one a different color, so your able to tell which spot is getting more leads. When getting that idea, you can then promote more  ads in the paper, flyers, and more posters in that area.

3. Rewards Offered

Offering reward points, discounts for repeat customers and referrals rewards. This is a powerful selling point for any product or service. You want to increase your customer satisfaction levels and widening the gap between you and other competition, grab their attention and make sure you highlight the values of your product.

4. Having Business Referrals

This is a business-to-business referral, and if you find yourself saying, “I’m sorry we don’t have or sell that item, but the other (name of your business and give location it’s at) does.” Make certain that you also get referrals back from the same place. This network is much stronger when dealing with white-collar professions. Lawyers refer people to accountants, and financial planners refer people to a real estate agent. When you give business referrals to others business it creates a good network and you’ll get referrals in return.

5. Follow Up With Customers

When customers check out, and before you hand them their receipt talk about the survey opportunity they have to rate your business, and to give feed back. Offer a chance for them to win a gift card to your business, or a discount of some sort. Giving them the chance to give back how the quality of the store looked, how organized it was, the customer sanctification to getting help that they needed. Businesses now a days really do read what others have to say about their business, because if something is wrong or negative they fix the problem so it doesn’t happen again. For example, working at a retail store TJ Maxx, if a customer goes to try on clothing and when they come out they give the store a really great rating on how clean the dressing rooms look, or how big it got and they like it, the associates can refer them to fill out a survey on your website and they could have the chance to earn some money, and it only takes 3 minutes to do so.

For more information about how to advertise your business contact Windy City Web Designs. 

Adding Your Business To Local Map Listings

When starting up your business, you want to make sure you can start an online search for your business. This is an important part of having your business, so others can research, and look up your business so it’s easy to find you.

To add your business to Google, Bing , Yahoo, and many others, you must first have a mailing address and meet their quality guidelines. If promoting a brand, organization or product, without an address you should make an account for a branding page. Here’s how to start your listing on Google My business.

1. First you need a Google account before you get started, and then navigate to Google My Business.

2. Chose which type of business you are:

  • Storefront: Choosing this option would be if you are intending on serving customers at your business location, such as a retail store, restaurant, or hotel.
  • Service Area: Choosing this option would be if you are intending to service customers at their location or within a certain area. For example, pizza delivery, taxi services or even a plumber.

3. Enter in the name of your business and address and select your business and if it appears in the drop-down menu.

4. If you don’t see anything showing up in the menu, hit no, these are not my businesses or you have correctly entered the business. Then you should be promoted to enter in some details for your business, and you want to make sure everything is accurate, complete street address and a phone number that can reach your business directly.

After going through all those steps on setting up your businesses, you need to choose how you can verify your business. You will asked how you want to be verified so it gives them the best possible information. Most business verify by postcards, or if you already have a listing your contacted by via phone.


For more information about how to add your business to local map listings contact Windy City Web Designs.