How to Increase Sales With Your Website

If the main intention of your website is to sell products, then you’re already doing great. The internet has been an amazing place for new, online budding businesses and just keeps growing and improving the services offered.

Despite the amazing opportunity all over the internet for selling your products, most online retailers are completely unaware of how to properly do it. Some will hide their already obscure products deep within their internal pages while others will provide only one link on their entire website to their shop. Websites like this are destroying their probable profits, but with these few simple steps, can turn their website into a very profitable business.

Display Your Featured Products: To let the customer get a sense of what you are trying to sell and what type of company you are, it is important to display your featured or most popular item. This way, the customers will know that others are purchasing through you and they will also know that you are selling a select niche of products.

Choose a Niche: Customers love cheap products but will favor quality over quantity no matter what. When your business is selling products for a specific niche, the customers will know that you are experienced and will likely have higher quality items, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Describe the Product: Today, so much research goes into every purchase, and it is no different when purchasing from your company. Your customers want to be informed, and the more information you offer to the customers, the better. Through thoroughly describing your product, the customers will become more familiar with you and the product, greatly increasing the likelihood of the customer purchasing the product.

Advertising: With the advent of new, innovative, advertising techniques created by Google and others, the power of online advertising is no longer disputable: it’s everywhere and ever-powerful. It is important for you to utilize this power through multiple advertising campaigns, all linking back to your website or shop.

The best way to utilize this method of increasing sales is through a pay per click campaign, or PPC. A PPC will allow you to customize where and how your advertisements are displayed through analyzing the efficiencies of each keyword you are using. You will save money, time, and a lot of frustration by using a PPC for your company.

The internet has transformed the world and must be utilized by all companies to promote their business and boost sales. If your business is looking to start an online store or is simply trying to rejuvenate sales, contact us at Windy City Web Designs to learn more about what we offer!

Is Pay Per Click Right For Your Business?

One of the Internet’s fastest growing marketing techniques is pay per click advertising. Perfect for businesses of any size, pay per click advertising can help you increase your business’s online exposure, gaining relevant traffic, as well as put you one step ahead of your competition.

Understanding Pay Per Click

Pay per click ad campaigns are paid keyword search campaigns in which users can click on your business’ ad, directing them to your business’ website, charging you a fee each time the ad is clicked.

While this may seem simple, in order for your campaign to be effective and prevent the loss of potential traffic to your site, it is critical that you ensure you are only using valid keywords that are relevant to your specific business.

For a pay per click advertising campaign to be effective, it is important that you are not doing this only once, but over time. For this reason, you may wish to enlist the help of a pay per click management company, like Windy City Web Designs, in order to ensure your campaign is not only effective, but well thought out, ensuring you are achieving the most success.

Is Pay Per Click Right For My Business?

Unsure if pay per click is right for you? Here is how you can help drive more traffic to your site with your PPC marketing campaign:

  1. Change and improve your campaign ads
  2. Expand your keyword lists
  3. Organize your keywords and ad groups
  4. Analyze your data
  5. Improve your actions based on your analytics
  6. Filter unwanted keywords
  7. Create a negative keywords list, so you won’t use them again
  8. Continuous monitoring of your campaign’s progress

For more information and to learn more about our Internet marketing strategies, including pay per click, contact Windy City Web Designs today!

Considering Pay Per Click?

While you may have an effective website, it is a s equally important to ensure that you have a solid Internet marketing campaign in place.  When it comes to ensuring you can be found on the search engines, there are limited options to provide you with results.

While there are paid searches, like search engine (SEO) that are available and commonly used, these campaigns will take time to deliver results. However, pay per click advertising (PPC) campaigns are rapidly growing, and can help you get the results you need, almost immediately.

Here are a several reasons why you may want to consider using a pay per click campaign:

Affordability- Since PPC campaigns are not only tailored to your budget, but you essentially pay per click on your ad.

Faster Results- Unlike organic search engine methods, PPC campaigns show almost immediate results since your ad will automatically receive top placement.

Real-time Tracking- With your PPC campaign, constant monitoring of your campaign will be performed. We will track things like the keywords that are, and are not, working, conversion rates, and which ads are driving the most traffic.

Exposure- Since your ad will be placed on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, your ad will be visible on well-known and reliable search engines, which reaches the vast majority of Internet users.

Target Your Customers- By placing a specific and eye-catching ad, you can directly target your customers and draw in only qualified and relevant traffic to your site.

It is important to know that building and maintaining a successful pay per click advertising campaign can be a difficult task, especially when you don’t understand how to manage these services. This is why hiring an experienced Internet marketing and web design firm, such as Windy City Web Designs, that specializes in PPC campaign, and can ensure that your website is achieving optimal results.

Generating Leads And Sales For Your Website

Having a website is an essential business tool to have, because every day business uses there site differently. Some use their site to generate instant revenue through e-commerce sales, and others use it to create leads, phones calls and physical locations visits. Every business wants to have leverage to create more growth.

There are many different ways that you can increase your leads, and sales without having to redesign and rebuild. These next tips are simple, and they can help your business grow significantly.

1. Performing A Conversion

Are you sure your website has been designed to convert traffic? Many web design companies are great at creating these very appealing websites, but they aren’t conversion experts.

If your able to identify problems and correct the changes prior to launching the marketing campaign you can reduce the wasted advertising that is spent and give you a stronger base to start with.

2. Start Call Tracking

If your business is using multiple traffic sources to generate phone calls it’s a great idea to start sending each source to dedicate a landing page that is featuring unique phone numbers. By using a call tracking you will be able to see what sources produce more phone calls. With most call tracking services they do record all calls and this is a great way to determine whether lead quality or your sales staff needs to be addressed.

3. Identify Where Users Click And Scroll Too

Once you know where your visitors are and aren’t clicking it will help you to reposition your offers from the dead zones to areas that are attracting those clicks. There is a heat map tool that will not only show you where the clicks are coming from but also what traffic and referral sources that is producing them. The tool can also show you how far down your pages that your visitors are scrolling too. Example, if they only scroll half way down or if they scroll to the very bottom. Then you can determine what content is located where and why your page isn’t being fully viewed.

4. Installing A Live Chat

Many business owners assume that live chat is good for websites that are generating commerce sales. This is correct, answering pre-purchase questions that can help you save sales and chat operators that can push consumers toward the sale. Remember every website can benefit from having this simple tool.

5. Using A Pop Up Offer Before They Leave The Site

When you drive traffic to your website, it’s not cheap. Even when you aren’t running your pay-per-click traffic and paying for every person that visits your site, by using time and effort that the SEO/social media requires this creates a monetary value for everyone.

Many users that leave your site, will never return, so why not use those opportunities to try and convert them? Try using some popup exit offers these will do a great job at increasing those conversion rates you have needed. When using this exit capture, it can improve your overall return on investments.

For more information about how to generate more leads and sales contact Windy City Web Designs.

How To Make Your Online Ads Clickable

We’ve all seen ads that grab our attention, but now we’ve also seen ads that can leave us speechless, and wondering what the advertiser was trying to accomplish. How are you able to create text banner ads on LinkedIn that can attract your target audience? Start by writing effective headlines, and see where that gets you!

A KEY to writing online ads is to put yourself in the shoes of your viewers who are going to be reading your ads. Picture how they are feeling, understand why they are frustrated or in pain. Once your able to get into their heads, you can write ads that can grab their attention quickly and make them feel comfortable with you and your products or services.

These great ads are more than just words, it’s about telling a story or creating an unforgettable experience and make you have to read more. Follow these factors that can make your ads more clickable to your viewers!

Being Curious

We all are curious by nature and want to learn more about subjects that interest us. If you start your headline with phrases like “How do I …” or “How I… ” The reader will be curious. You want them to read the entire headline. You can also use contradiction in your headline to confuse your readers so you’re able to grab their attention also. Here are a few examples of headlines that use curiosity to grab attention:

  • “How do I get top search rankings in Google for my business without spending a lot of money?”
  • “Social Media is NOT your only way to get web traffic”

Some Benefits

By providing a clear understanding of the benefit in your headline, people will click on your ad to find out how they can benefit from what you are offering. Implying that they will learn something new that can give them a competitive advantage. Here are a few examples of benefit-driven headlines:

  • “How to Convert More Web Visitors into Raving Customers”
  • “How to Work Less and Earn More”


Everyone responds to certain key words, especially when they trigger some type of emotion. Using the right words can make people click on your ads. If you watch those infomercials, you’ll be able to hear and see the steady stream of emotion-triggering words like amazing, incredible, excellent, and free. You may also hear them say something like “This amazing formula will help you feel incredible, and make you completely irresistible.” Now who wouldn’t want to buy that product? Here are a few more examples of some emotional headlines:

  • “Ten Free Social Media Tips That Will Generate More Incredible Comments on Your Blogs”
  • “Easily Learn a New Language in Just 20 Minutes a Day!”

For more information about how to make your online ads clickable, contact Windy City Web Designs. 

Call-Only Adds Introduced To Google

Google has announced the launch of new, call-only campaigns for Google AdWords. This lets businesses reach their customers by prominently showing their phone number, a description of their business and a call only button on the search results.

Many people live their lives online and engage with your business primarily through their mobile phones. With having a smartphone in hand, consumers can see the increase of products or services that are available on the go and can place a call shortly after they find what they need.

With call-only campaign they are specially created to show on mobile devices so you can make a phone call from the add directly. Meaning for every time someone clicks on that call button to call your business, you pay for those clicks.

It is recommended that tailoring ads for calls with language like “call to schedule an appointment” or “speak to a representative now”.

For more details about call-only campaigns for AdWords contact, Windy City Web Designs.

Analytic Dashboards

Think of your dashboard in your car, all the important features that are important to you would be to your clients. If you organize your analytic dashboard, it will make things much easier.

Executive Dashboard – Focus on financials, conversion rates, the number of sales, and leads. Executives always want to see money first, to see how they are doing in every area. Nobody wants to go through marketing first and then the numbers. Now everyone has generic metric, pages that viewed, bounce rate and metrics focus on using the main filters to go to the specific areas on that site. You should view the following:

  • Directional information
  • Discount
  • Packages
  • Location of site

Measure out the behavior that is on your site, and then reverse engineer. If a company can see which area on the site is drawing more attention too and you want them to look at the other pages, try to link pages together so they are not just looking at one page.

CMO Dashboard – Now from a marketing perceptive, you want to help make it look amazing! When building the dashboard for your CMO marketing side, talk about what matters to them. Find out what they really want to learn. You need to tune in to figure out exactly what they want to find out, and match their exact territory. Go back to using filters, like on the executive dashboard. You need to determine, how do you measure the acquisition to the behavior on the site and then what can it create?

Tech Check Dashboard – The one important feature that most people do not hear anymore is tech check. We need to see more companies coming to a realization that we all use different devices to view websites for all topics and to do online shopping. We want to see a setup so we can view these web pages on multiple web browsers on a mobile and tablet device, and desktop. Do you have any gaps, places that your site is not using the full potential or issues with the shopping carts? You want to be able to track all this down. The most effective way to look to see what is falling off your site is by looking on the computer, mobile or tablet device on the browsers. If you are having any issues what is so ever on your site, bring it to your web designer and see what they can do to find and fix the issue for you. Having a broken site is never good; you have that risk at loosing potential customers and future ones.

For more information about analytics contact, Windy City Web Designs!

How To Have An Effective Brochure

First step in creating an effective brochure design, would be to follow these five steps. They will show you exactly what to do, before you even start your brochure writing.

1. Brochure’s Functions

How to determine your brochures functions in the buying process would be to know your product, the market, and how to make a sale.

  • Point-of-sale: Pick a brochure design while your waiting in line at the store.
  • Direct Mail: When you get sales letters, you can put your brochure into a direct mail package.
  • Inquiries: When asked about a product or service you can drop a brochure into their mail for more information.

2. Does Your Brochure Stand Alone

Many companies have brochures for only one product others make a variety to show more than just one off. For example, if you have written a direct mail package, and you sales letter covers all reasons for them to buy your product now, you are set. No need to do a follow up because you have already convinced them to buy your product.

3. Your Audience

You need to target a particular audience. Decide what type of information each audience needs and write about it in your brochure accordingly.

4. Selling Points

Your brochure should tell a story, talk about your service/product. Should have a beginning, middle and an end. Exactly like a book, most look at the front and back covers and even the flip through pages. You want to draw their eye in and catch their attention. Like number 3 said “Your Audience” determining on who is reading your brochure, you should choose an approach that will best fit the readers needs.

5. Accurate And Complete Information

Before starting on your brochure make sure all your information is correct and accurate to how you want it. Take the time to really think about everything, and lay things out. If you find yourself finding more space or less of something figure out what to add. Remember to target the right audience in creating your brochures.

Fro more information about how to create an effective brochure design for your company, contact Windy City Web Designs. 

Google AdWords Tips

Here are some helpful tips on how to have complete success in Google AdWords. Google AdWords are defined as an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google. AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click on the their ads. the ad service is largely focused on keywords.

1. Keywords

Showing the searcher that your ad is relevant, Google will search keywords in bold that are in your ad. This helps make your ad stand out from the others.

2. Ad Group Keyword List Small

Instead of having a huge list of keywords, make ad groups and sort each list out. It will help make things stand out from the others as said in number one, keywords.

3. Bidding High

The way of bidding high is when Google’s ad system determines placements by big and CTR (which stands for click through rate). Earning high CTR, you have to generate clicks. Bidding high so your ad can be seen in the search results. Once you earn those high clicks through rates, lower your bids.

4. Daily Budgets That Google Recommends

Setting a budget too low your ad can be displayed intermittently.  Which is NOT what you want. Your ad should be shown whenever someone types in keywords of your ad.

5. Bidding Wars 

Expand your keyword list to include all specific keywords that have a low search result. Don’t waste your time and money on bidding high in bidding wars, it’s not going to be worth it. Expand your keywords list to include more specific keywords.

6. Setting Higher Bids

Set the bid high for the exact match of the keyword phrase and also include the broad. It allows your to control the position for the ads. If the ad group is set at 15 cents, bump it up to 30 cents bid for the exact match.

7. Negative Keywords

Nothing will be posted if something is a negative keyword. Add more of them at a regular intervals, and your list will grow. If you sell products or services at a premium, include the words free, cheap, discount.

8. Relevant Landing Page

Most searchers don’t point to the home page, they choose a landing page for your site. It includes keywords from the search and it some cases it’s worth creating custom pages.

For more information about Google AdWords contact Windy City Web Designs. 

How To Use PPC To Create Your Business

PPC stands for Pay-per-click, it’s a way for search engine advertising to come up with clicks to your site, than just “earning” clicks normally. For example, when you go onto a website you’ll see little yellow tabs those are sponsor ads and that’s what is considered a pay-per-click.

How it works

When your ad is clicked on, your sending visitors to your website, and you pay the search engine a small amount of money, therefore why it’s called “Pay per click.” Having a well-designed and running smoothly PPC campaign, its more worth spending on for your business then what you really pay for it.


Pay-per-click marketing is great for all businesses 

  • Searchers– Studies show that searchers use paid ads more than any other digital advertisement. It simply means they don’t mind being advertised, as long as their products and services fit the needs of the users. Google has developed a way to meet every users need, when using PPC.
  • Advertisers They offer a unique way of sending out their message in front of an audience that is actively seeking out their product means. Searchers reveal intent search query, while as a advertiser they are able to measure quality of traffic from the search engine clicks.
  • Search Engine- They cater to searchers and advertisers together. With searchers they come to an understanding on the user-base, while advertisers provide them with revenue. With search engines they want to have valid results, when offering a highly targeted channel.


Google AdWords For PPC

Google AdWords has the most popular platform for pay-per-click. They pay for each click on their advertisement and users bid on keywords. Then Google has to dig into the bidding AdWords advertisers and choose from a set of winners to appear in the ad space on the search results page. Winners are picked based upon their combination factors of quality and relevance of their keywords and ad text.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing

When using pay-per-click advertising it opens up a unique opportunity for those who:

  • Customer Base– Searchers are actively looking for services and products likes yours, and that can respond and provide offers relevant to the search query.
  • Generating Low Costs– When allowing PPC marketing to reach leads and prospects, when being researched and then wanting to buy, it shows a highly effective way to bring interested customers to your site.


Managing Your PPC Campaign

When creating a new campaign you must keep up and manage them daily to make sure they are effective. Continuously analyzing the performance of your account and when you take at least 15-20 minutes a week you can make a big difference.


For more information about how to manage your business by using pay-per-click contact Windy City Web Designs.